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The Ultimate Guide to WordPress a by Web Developer in Sydney

WordPress is an amazing platform for a web developer for creating different types of websites. There is a huge popularity of WordPress among web developers. Generally, Elementor sites take a long time to rank on search engines as compared to WordPress. It is quite easy to develop a website on WordPress. It is very simple. Let’s take a look at some simple and easy steps for creating your websites:

The Popularity of WordPress
As we know, WordPress’s popularity is increasing and web development companies in Sydney prefer WordPress for building their websites. Automatic owns WordPress and it is one of the most famous CMS of all time.

Features of WordPress:

Simple:   A Web development company in Sydney likes the simplicity of WordPress, how simple it is to create your website on WordPress. WordPress was designed in a way to make the development process easy for beginners also.

Flexibility: Posting a Blog on WordPress is even easier. Websites can be customized with beautiful themes and layouts. Enhance your website by adding plugins like Yoast, Smush,  and many more. Also, you can create a community on WordPress like Twitter and Facebook.

Publishing: WordPress makes your work easier than before. You can create schedules, breezes and also make changes to your post anytime you want. It is also a secure platform where you can set your password and can create multiple users for your blog too.

In a web development company in Sydney, the account of WordPress can be administered with login IDs and passwords very easily. The admins of the website can manage their website and can easily make anyone an editor to edit the content of the blog. Each and every user can display their skill separately and can also have a separate profile. This makes it easy for writers to post their blog and to make it look outstanding. 

Social Media Management: Social media can also be easily managed in WordPress. Posting pictures is a unique way of representing your brand to the audience on the WordPress website. Adding alt text is also very easy in WordPress. Adding media to your content makes it worthy and adds more fun for the viewers.

Installation: It is easy to install and upgrade WordPress even for those who are not good at technical things. Plugin installation is also an easy task on WordPress.

Adding a blog page to your website or creating any other pages is very simple. All you need to do is click on Appearance and then go to the Menu option for adding a blog or any extra page to your website, before that, you need to create a particular page.

Posting a Blog
For posting a blog, you need to select a post and then click on add a new post. After that you need to publish your content, you can also optimise your blog by adding the Yoast plugin, from here you can add a title and description for your blog. Then you need to select a category and add keywords to your blog. It is that simple.

Installing a Plugin
Click on Plugin and then select add a new option. You can search the plugin you want to add. Then you need to install and activate the plugin, then you are good to go. Yoast is mostly used by SEO experts for optimising their website and to make it user friendly.


As you know you need to verify your website otherwise it won’t rank on the search engine. For verifying your website, you need to add your website to Google Search Console, there generates a code. The code needs to be placed at the header section of the website, you need the option ‘Appearance’ then select ‘theme editor’  then go to the header option and add your code. Again, go to Search Console and verify your website.

The same goes for Google Analytics, the same steps need to be followed while putting the code of Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager.

Editing a Page
Go to the pages of the website, there you will find the list of pages that are present on your website. Click on the particular page that you want to edit and now you can easily optimise the pages accordingly.

Final Thoughts
Web design services in Sydney are essential for your website if you want to rank on search engines. The above mentioned are some of the tips for beginners to increase the ranking of their website. WordPress is a mobile-friendly CMS and can be easily handled by the user.

Other than this, proper SEO and quality content also plays an important role for the websites to rank at the top of search engines. Keep on updating yourself with the latest changes and updates regularly.