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Marketing On boarding Questions

A series of questions to understand more about your business

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Do you currently have a domain name and website?

What are your current marketing channels?
How do you interact with your clients?
Where are your existing customers?
Have you started marketing actives and/or outsourced them?
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One point of contact

Are you tired of being bounced back between companies?

Our agency works with all stakeholders (other agencies, internal staff and suppliers) in order to deliver you a seamless experience.

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Multiple marketing strategies

Unsure about the various types of marketing?

We’ve found that a lot of clients can easily get confused with what marketing works best for them. There is no magic formula, and it depends on what stage the business is in and the industry.

We can help you determine the best marketing strategy for you

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Strategic advice

Does it feel like you have multiple marketing campaigns and are lost?

Our strategic overview evaluates your current marketing strategies and finds out ways to optimise them.

Make sure that you are receiving the right advice and that all your marketing channels are sending the right message.

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Marketing is only one part of the puzzle. We look at the whole business. That’s what differentiates us from other agencies.

For example, what is the point of doing marketing when your product is not ready?

In that case, we can help you focus on what is needed at the time. Such as branding, product development and research.