hire a digital marketing agency in australia

Why Do You Need to Hire A Digital Marketing Agency in Australia?

It is crucial to choose a digital marketing agency in Sydney that you trust. Local digital marketing companies in Sydney, Melbourne and other Australian cities have the advantage of knowing the local market and focusing on your businesses goals. In our experience, smaller businesses often find it more cost-effective to hire a marketing agency to manage their ad spend and focus on producing content.

Here are some of our insights on choosing a digital marketing company:

Is digital marketing in demand in Australia?

Digital marketing has grown at an exponential rate and is in demand more than ever. COVID & work from home has changed the way we connect with consumers and suppliers. 

Research has shown that we now spend more than 6 hours a day (an increase from 5 hours) on the internet. 

You need to be where your users spend the most time: browsing the internet on websites, social media, and Youtube.

Even though we are becoming used to communicating remotely, finding people who understand your business is still crucial. Choosing the right digital marketing agency in Sydney or any other location relies on due diligence and weighing the pros and cons.

Always ask about an agencies approach to work and their values. Look for companies that value long term relationships over short term profit.

Why choose a digital marketing company in Sydney over someone overseas?

There are a host of factors when choosing a marketing company. The most important thing is finding a company that understands your own business goals. Services based companies are often happy to give a free proposal, but you need practice due diligence. That is why we suggest that you always talk about your business, industry and goals to a digital marketing company in Sydney or overseas. 

Communication is also paramount. Overseas companies in non-English countries often have trouble creating content for Australian’s. Even English speaking companies have problems with Australian slang. Foreigners don’t understand words that we take for granted, like ‘arvo’ or phrases like ‘she’ll be right.’

What does a digital marketing company in Sydney cost?

Comparing digital marketing agencies costs can be tricky. This is because there are a variety of services that work depending on the industry. Marketing can range from $1,000 to $5,000 per month. Make sure to book an appointment with a marketing consultant to discuss your budget and goals.

A search on Seek shows over 7,00 jobs for ‘digital marketing’ ranging from $45,000 to over $150,000 per anum. This is one of the reasons why an in-house marketing team and be pricey. There are many specialised marketing roles, which require multiple team members. 

Consider a digital marketing agency in Sydney or a local presence to reduce your costs and get better results.

Have you received digital marketing companies cold emails?

There are a ton of emails sent by so-called digital marketing companies. A common theme is offering free trials or guaranteed results. 

Some red flags to look out for:

  1. Sent from a @gmail.com or other free email provider
  2. If they don’t have faith in their brand, then why should you
  3. No company name or location. 
  4. Make sure a company identifies itself and its services, e.g. ‘digital marketing agency in Syndey‘ or, even better, the actual suburb itself. 
  5. No surname. Would you trust someone who introduced themselves as John Doe.

It is essential to determine if the digital marketing company is in Sydney or based in any other physical location. A positive of working with someone in an office or has a physical presence means that you know that their business is their full-time priority.

How to find the right partner

  • Connection: Make sure to find someone interested in you, your business and your industry.
  • Distance: Reach out to local businesses first; for example, find a digital marketing agency in Sydney if you’re based in New South Wales, Australia. Find a company that has a local office and phone number. Make sure that they are easily contactable. Avoid companies that don’t have their domains (such as emails from gmail.com) 

Due diligence:

  1. Constantly research cost, the companies reputation, and learn more about the company before committing.
  2. Find out what access you’ll be granted (such as Google Analytics or access to your domain key).
  3. Avoid agencies that refuse to work with anyone else and don’t have clear communication.


Why local? 

There is nothing wrong with outsourcing to a remote freelancer such as those based in other countries. It is often enticing since their cost of living is lower, so they can deliver cheaper plans. However, outsourcing overseas is difficult if they don’t know the business conditions and language.

Another worrisome issue is dealing with currency fluctuations, international payments, no consumer protection and tax implications.

Choosing a digital marketing company in Sydney mitigates these risks since Australian companies are accountable to Australian consumer law and tax compliance.